Help us support our local families by riding for a cause! Set up your online fundraising page and support programming in the community of your choice! All fundraising dollars go to support United Way Partner Programs that are listed here!

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Proceeds from Ride United support the work of United Way of the Lakeshore,
as we unite to inspire change and build thriving communities!

Tips For A Successful Fundraising Experience

#1 Start Early

The sooner you start asking, the more opportunities you will have to raise money for the cause.

A great way to get some money in your fundraising coffers before you even do anything else is to self-pledge. It doesn’t need to be a large sum of money, but it lets your donors know up front that you believe in what you’re doing. 


#2 Customize Your Fundraising Page and Set a Fundraising Goal

Once you choose your type of impact, you’ll be taken to the fundraising platform.  From there you will choose BECOME A FUNDRAISER.  Here, you can personalize your page or join/create a team.  On this page you will be able to set your fundraising goal, share a brief impact story (we will have some for you to choose from you can simply copy and paste) and add a nice photo of yourself.


#3 Start Sending Emails/Social Media

Now that you’ve developed your ask on your fundraising page, it’s time to get the word out:


Start with a personalized greeting based on the person, or group, that you are      emailing/posting, etc.


Make a specific ask for your friends to share your post with their networks. This is a great way to get in front of people you don’t even know with your ask!


Add in a link to your fundraising page, so they know where they can go to make a donation.


Recognize and thank your donors publicly, and tag them! The more gratitude you share with your current donors, the more others will follow suit and donate as well.